Microsoft hololens 2

Work Smarter with Mixed Reality

HoloLens 2 coupled with software solutions is a hands-free computer that goes where you go, sees what you see, and does what you say. It displays a layer of digital information on top of your real world by rendering high-definition holograms that stay where you put them and respond like physical objects when you interact with them.

HoloLens 2 features several key design upgrades including increased field of view, a new ergonomic design, instinctual interaction that allows you to touch and move holograms, and no wires or cords to allow for complete freedom of movement.

Introduce new ways for your workforce to solve problems, design and review spaces, learn complex processes, and help customers buy the right product—right where they are in the field or on the factory floor—using pre-built solutions from Microsoft and our industry partners.

Create solutions to address your unique business challenges—and build finely detailed immersive experiences that work across HoloLens 2 and other mobile devices—using integrated, secure cloud computing services for mixed reality development.