Working remotely has become a necessity due to the current global pandemic and this presents a wide range of challenges for manufacturing businesses and other types of activity which requires a person to be physically present.

One of the most successful solutions to the challenge of working remotely has been Microsoft Teams. This has enabled businesses to keep in contact with each other at a time where being socially distant is a necessity. The next challenge here is the obstacle of carrying out specialist work in the manufacturing industry where the norm would be to bring in a consultant or technician – who is experienced with the job at hand. Due to travel restrictions and social distancing, this has become impossible so the solution to this is to video-call an expert and have them guide the person who is physically on-site through the process. Many workers are using a tablet or smartphone camera to communicate with the specialist but this can be over encumbering and difficult to carry out work while holding the device. The HMT-1 is the ideal solution for this problem as it frees both hands and enables the expert on the call has the exact view the person in the field does.

Check out these two videos below to fully show the capability of the HMT-1 and Microsoft Teams working together to enable global collaboration on every-day challenges.